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New Image Adz,llc, is a local marketing agency, helping small businesses in Michigan, Florida, and Alabama. We give our clients the exposure they need to reach customers in a local market.  Not only do we offer low cost, high exposure advertising opportunities, we also build awesome websites, and can assist you with your social media presence. We provide a full suite of marketing tools to help drive traffic, and strengthen the exposure of our customers. 

Why is local marketing important? Whether you’re a big business or a small business, having a connection with a local market is vital.

Locals like to show loyalty and a connection with their hometown brands. People like convenience, if they can find a store close to them or the fastest service they will likely choose the most convenient option. Focusing your local marketing strategy online and offline to niche groups can help. It can bring you closer and attract customers that you don’t have.

What makes local marketing work is a genuine connection. Many customers dislike brands because of the obvious disconnect they have.

For so long, the goal of marketing is creating a connection with customers. This then helps the business sell products or services.

New Image Adz assists with this  problem, we help give your business a strong local connection, which generates grassroots ties. These ties generate loyalty and solidarity within a community and generate leads for local small businesses. Americans love brands they can call their own.

Marketing to your local community solves that conundrum.

New Image Adz, LLC is a well established marketing agency that provides low cost, high exposure advertising by utilizing restaurant tabletops to display local business ads. We work with dozens of restaurants in Michigan, Florida, and Alabama featuring advertisements from hundreds of businesses. Whether you are an advertiser seeking a unique way to share your message, or a restaurant, bar or diner owner interested in a new way to network with your community, New Image Adz can help.


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Replace your plain tabletops with customized one-of-a-kind tabletop wraps that will reflect the image and décor of your restaurant.

Our tabletop wraps are made with high quality vinyl that is both attractive and durable.  We will work with you to establish a design that is unique and a reflection of your image.

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Considering running an ad with us? Here are 5 key points to the many benefits of tabletop advertising.

1. Exposure and Absorption
Restaurant patrons will have your message directly in front of them during the duration of their visit, absorbing it consciously as well as subconsciously.

2. Word-of-Mouth
It has always been one of the most effective methods of advertising, and we make it happen. How many people talk about your business now? We’ll bet you’ve sat at a restaurant table waiting for the staff and read the ketchup bottle or the sugar packets. We give restaurant patrons something much more interesting to read. They read about your business. People rarely go to restaurants alone, so while they read your ad, they talk about it among themselves as well. Table Top advertising has proven effective in creating word-of-mouth.

3. Permanent Image
Most methods of advertising subconsciously work against a permanent image. A 30-second commercial, or daily newspaper…these are not permanent. When you look at one of our tables, it is high-quality, and permanent, which are two things you definitely want to say about your business, and table top advertising says it!

4. Repetition
Large companies will tell you what made them as big as they are today…repetition. Restaurant patrons will see your ad consciously several times during their visit. But it doesn’t stop there! If they like the food, they will be back sitting in front of your ad many times over the next year that your ad is in place.

5. Low Cost, High Exposure
Table top ads can cost as little as one penny per view, we strive to place your ads in restaurants that are high volume to be sure your ad is seem 10's of thousands of times each year. Most locations have ad space available that costs less than 75 cents per day.



  • Web Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Logo Design

  • Marketing Materials

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